Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Raquel is a clothing designer and seamstress who started following her heart a year ago.  Before she began designing she was like most people, struggling to find a direction in life.  With only a dream to go by she created a vision of what she wanted to become and began to follow it.  She took small steps in the beginning of her venture, however, they were very effective moves.  Raquel began making "How to" videos on Youtube that created an awareness for her talent.  One of her top videos "How to sew a Romper"  has hit 46,649 views since she started.

She is currently designing and sewing her own clothing, which are available for purchase by contacting her on Facebook. In one year, she went from floating on the sea of wandering to designing her own clothing. She is a perfect example of what happens when you follow your dreams. The beautiful transformation lies in the moment you make a decision. "It was very difficult, very difficult to get started, but I kept at it everyday.  I read between breaks and lunches while at work.  When I got home I still had to do all of the homely duties before I could sew.  Which didn't leave me with much time.  It was a very frustrating process, but its what I loved and I wasn't going to stop." Raquel told me.  As you can see persistence is the key in any endeavor.  When the road gets tough... keep going and never give up.

Raquel's plans in the near future are to begin selling her clothing online until she is ready to open a store.  She would love to travel the world making fashion for everyone to enjoy.  I've been trying to hire her as a costume designer for a short film I'm currently working on, but we're still in negotiations.

You can find her work on Facebook and watch her videos on her Youtube channel.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Upon meeting with Bernique,  my immediate take on her was that of maturity and organization.  As I spoke with her about and what was behind creating such a resourceful site, I discovered a great deal of determination behind her speech.  It's the kind of determination that has the driving force to push mountains out from their places.  Bernique tells me "there's so many things to do in Fresno, and so many are unaware of it."  She also mentioned "it's a lot of work keeping up the site, but a lot of fun seeing it grow."

When I asked Bernique about her goals and desires in life, she responded "I want to be a good mother and a good wife." A phrase I don't hear much these days.  Which caused me to think, what could be greater than the feeling of knowing you've successfully raised a life, from infancy to adulthood? Not only making sure they're healthy, but successfully teaching them to take on life with the same ambitions, desires, and determination that you chase down dreams.

Bernique has plans on expanding the site to cover other cities.  Which, at this rate, she won't have any trouble doing.

Make sure to check out Bernique's website 559AFTERDARK.COM. In the words of Bernique herself "GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING!"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Vida Tinta
Latin Rock Band

Our meeting happened by, what seemed to be, chance.  Putting it more precisely,  fate stepped in and crossed our paths.  We have now developed a bond of brotherhood that is rarely seen.

They're a hard working group that operates like a family.  Everyday, you can find them either on stage or in the studio working on their second album.  Its interesting to be around them, because they have a glow about them.  A feeling...  that closed doors will be opened, things that felt so far away are now within reach.  

I admire and appreciate their positive vibes in a time when positiveness is scarcely found.  They move so much ground in a month, like a rocket's burning flame, they can't be stopped.  Nor, does anyone want to see them stop.  At this rate, I believe, major success is just around the corner.  They are a perfect example of one who fights against Defeat.  They stand up against it, with instruments in hand, and an unwillingness in their hearts for surrender.

You can find them on Facebook, and check out their Blog.

If you haven't heard their first album "Ya No Hay Amor", it's worth checking out.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Aaron Stewart

Known for his humor as a comedian, Mr. Stewart is driven and decisive when it comes to his future.  Having been given the opportunity to meet with him, I've learned that although his goal is to make you laugh, there's nothing funny about how serious he is in helping others.  His feelings on the importance of education and his willingness to contribute were very clear.  It's his goal in the near future to reach out to the youth as a motivational speaker, to try to steer them down the right path while they're still young.  Voicing his concern for the enormous lack of education in our educational system, he hopes to pass on much needed skills in life. If you see him on Television soon, it won't be because of luck.  He's a very hard worker and is worth looking into.

You can check him out on Facebook.

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Monday, February 7, 2011



Kelly Vang is a unique young woman with great ambition.  If you're privileged to have her company you'd enjoy her positive outlook on life.  She's extremely goal oriented and very motivating to be around. I have had the pleasure of reading some of her book and she's used an interesting approach.  I've never heard of any poetry author attempting to do what's she's done with Star Watchers.  With most poetry being contemporary these days, I still prefer artistic writing, which this book is full of.  I recommend her book to everyone who loves reading.  It should be coming out in May 2011.


Drawing on universal themes and adversities, Star Watchers is a collection of poems about love, despair and life that merge to tell a single story.  It's a dark tale of gloom and revelations, as a grief-stricken woman hides into isolation to regain strength with hope and tranquility from the stars.  Yet, she is faced with a further devastation when her past collides with her present, confronting her true identity.

You can find her website at

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