Monday, February 7, 2011



Kelly Vang is a unique young woman with great ambition.  If you're privileged to have her company you'd enjoy her positive outlook on life.  She's extremely goal oriented and very motivating to be around. I have had the pleasure of reading some of her book and she's used an interesting approach.  I've never heard of any poetry author attempting to do what's she's done with Star Watchers.  With most poetry being contemporary these days, I still prefer artistic writing, which this book is full of.  I recommend her book to everyone who loves reading.  It should be coming out in May 2011.


Drawing on universal themes and adversities, Star Watchers is a collection of poems about love, despair and life that merge to tell a single story.  It's a dark tale of gloom and revelations, as a grief-stricken woman hides into isolation to regain strength with hope and tranquility from the stars.  Yet, she is faced with a further devastation when her past collides with her present, confronting her true identity.

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