Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Upon meeting with Bernique,  my immediate take on her was that of maturity and organization.  As I spoke with her about and what was behind creating such a resourceful site, I discovered a great deal of determination behind her speech.  It's the kind of determination that has the driving force to push mountains out from their places.  Bernique tells me "there's so many things to do in Fresno, and so many are unaware of it."  She also mentioned "it's a lot of work keeping up the site, but a lot of fun seeing it grow."

When I asked Bernique about her goals and desires in life, she responded "I want to be a good mother and a good wife." A phrase I don't hear much these days.  Which caused me to think, what could be greater than the feeling of knowing you've successfully raised a life, from infancy to adulthood? Not only making sure they're healthy, but successfully teaching them to take on life with the same ambitions, desires, and determination that you chase down dreams.

Bernique has plans on expanding the site to cover other cities.  Which, at this rate, she won't have any trouble doing.

Make sure to check out Bernique's website 559AFTERDARK.COM. In the words of Bernique herself "GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING!"

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