Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Raquel is a clothing designer and seamstress who started following her heart a year ago.  Before she began designing she was like most people, struggling to find a direction in life.  With only a dream to go by she created a vision of what she wanted to become and began to follow it.  She took small steps in the beginning of her venture, however, they were very effective moves.  Raquel began making "How to" videos on Youtube that created an awareness for her talent.  One of her top videos "How to sew a Romper"  has hit 46,649 views since she started.

She is currently designing and sewing her own clothing, which are available for purchase by contacting her on Facebook. In one year, she went from floating on the sea of wandering to designing her own clothing. She is a perfect example of what happens when you follow your dreams. The beautiful transformation lies in the moment you make a decision. "It was very difficult, very difficult to get started, but I kept at it everyday.  I read between breaks and lunches while at work.  When I got home I still had to do all of the homely duties before I could sew.  Which didn't leave me with much time.  It was a very frustrating process, but its what I loved and I wasn't going to stop." Raquel told me.  As you can see persistence is the key in any endeavor.  When the road gets tough... keep going and never give up.

Raquel's plans in the near future are to begin selling her clothing online until she is ready to open a store.  She would love to travel the world making fashion for everyone to enjoy.  I've been trying to hire her as a costume designer for a short film I'm currently working on, but we're still in negotiations.

You can find her work on Facebook and watch her videos on her Youtube channel.

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  1. I love Raquel's work, am amaze by her sense of style and eye for fashion. Her creations, thus far are very impressive... I know she is going to add great as the fashion designer to your production! Looking forward to you summer collection Raquel!

  2. Raquel is a very unique and talented woman. I can't wait untill she opens up her on shop and starts selling all her amazing creations her rompers are Omg amazing I bought one from her and it fit me just perfect she took her time and visualized it just how I wanted it :) your bio of raquel trully describes her,and out of it all she has patients shes friendly and stays 100% positive thanks raquel seen you makeing designs and seen you happy is priceless wish you all the best <3 keep up all your hard work and your unique designs
    From:Steph.m supporting you always